corsi interview

Interviewed by Ewa Larsson

Please introduce yourself and your kennel to our readers, and tell us why this particular breed.

We are located in northern side of Greece at the city of Thessaloniki. We make a totally selective breeding with a very few number of litters per year. Our bloodline comes straight from Italy, the country of origin of our breed  mostly from the famous Porta Dipinta kennel, Rosso Malpelo, Valle dei Lord & dei Martinotti. After a long search through books, google search for the utilization of the breed not from the eye of a breeder but as an owner which needs a polyvalent dog , I ended in Cane Corso.

What made you want to be a dog breeder in the first place?

As the time was passing by and I was getting more familiar with my cc and then with the rest of the cc’s I bought I started to realise how concerned I was with the issues and problems of this breed which I was facing maybe everyday. I was deeply in love and my goal was to rescue and finally to preserve the breed I loved most…. Selective breeding was my very first idea to cherish this breed through ages and finally give to the new incomers  things that were really important for the breed itself.

How did you get introduced to this breed? 

Since I was a child I always remember having dogs in our yard. I really can not imagine myself without a dog…. Many breeds went through my family’s hands but when I grew up i found myself into a quest for something really special…something that could veil my idea of a sleepless guardian, a companion which loyalty will never be in a doubt and a sweet home dog ready to make all it takes to steal a smile of you….  After a long time of reading and searching my quest had an end, I was 100% sure that Cane Corso is the dog I was seeking with such a passion. 

What improvements do you want to bring to the breed with your breeding programme?

My idea is first of all healthy dogs, full of the correct temperament of the breed. The way is carefully selected stud male and bitches and a few and selective breeding of very strong bloodline coming only from the country of origin ‘ Italy. Health tests and mental tests are priority to achieve the better result. Of course a lot of love and patient to maintain the quality in high levels.

How does ( Cane Corso)  differ from other breeds? 

Corso comes out the Latin “Cohors” which means guardian , protector. Corso are smart, trainable, eager to please, versatile, and docile. Intensely loyal with their humans… all these features takes them to number one of what a family or a single man could ask for…

Do you see any difference in (your breed) of today compared to the (your breed) of 10 years ago? If so, what are the biggest differences you see? 

Of course you can find differences as the time goes by , but this is normal as the dogs live different , their food and supplement are not the same and of course their use is different than before. So we find differences in general appearance and then in their temperament. As breeders we need to maintain and preserve as most of their mental characteristics as this is the main heritage of the breed. 

What advice would you give to those who are starting breeding? 

Breed because you love and your purpose is to spread the word. Always be honest and think first the animals and then yourself…. Never quit education!!! Read, learn and search from the mentors. Be open minded and admit your mistakes. 

What are your efforts put into in order to build a great reputation (besides the dogs)?

We are in position to be proud that always assistant our new puppy owners. We create a special and lasting relationship that goes even in friendship sometimes. We keep in contact and always receive updates, pictures and remarks for their puppy development. We organise socialization puppy days and seminars with several subjects. We offer a contract that gives a guarantee for HD and ED dysplasia issues as well for autoimmune hereditary diseases and also gives us the opportunity to ensure our puppys way of living with some terms written in.

How important is it for a breeder to have an online presence nowadays?

An online presence is extremely important nowadays as the way of life of modern people does not leave any time for personal relation’ a digital advertising and a well designed website always updated with the latest news it is an essential.

Would you like to add something?

I would like to express my gratitude for trusting us making this interview. It was a wonderful chance to share our thoughts and features of this wonderful breed. Many thanks to The Dog Magazine for this issue!

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